Professional kid wrangler

Professional kid wrangler

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A cut above

A cut above

   Being a self-confessed control freak, there is nothing as fear inducing as the thought of someone cutting my child's hair. As a child of the 80's I suffered through bowl cuts and feathered hair. The worst part though, by far, was the bangs I sported from '83 to '93 that started more than halfway back on my head and ended a millimetre above my eyebrows.

   Now that I have my hair somewhat 'under control' as an adult (IE. the mom ponytail) I can now focus on my daughter's. My first born was bald until around 18 months when she began sprouting adorable white blond curls. As her fourth birthday approached I finally agreed to her first hair cut. It was a family affair compete with photos and a first curl memento.

   A few days later A decided to take her haircut a little further and cut her hair again. Helping herself to a pair of craft scissors she decided to scalp the front of her head. My first reaction of laughter melted into tears as I realised there was no fixing this. She was about to have her first day of school and I was going to have to send her looking like this.

   After having to privately take my mom friends aside and reassure them A's current style was her own handiwork and not something I would ever inflict on a child, I was more than hesitant to take my younger girls to get their first cut. With H it was no biggie. Her beautiful caramel curls hung perfectly down her back, but with my youngest E, it was a different story, Her baby cut straddled the line between a mullet and the main guy from Tales from the Crypt Keeper. 

   As her second birthday quickly approaching, my husband and I decided a cut was necessary. I began researching local kid's hairstylists in the Durham area and quickly found recommendations for Styles & Smiles 4 Kids . Located in Pickering, the place not only has a Mini Cooper and dump truck for the kids to sit in while they get their cut, it also has an extensive play area including a ball pit. I decided to take the kids the day before E turned 2 and incorporated it into the birthday activities. I pumped it up the kids for days and this visit did not disappoint. At $16 a cut, we decided to get H's hair done as well and the ladies took great care of both the girls, distracting them with bubbles and books. My control freak colors only came out once when I ran over to advise the stylist, "no bangs!" as she moved to the front of H's head.


  It was a great way to make a sweet memory. When I shared the pictures I found out two of my nephews had also gotten their first hair cut done by the same ladies. They did a wonderful job, even though I had to agree to allow E to get bangs due to her mullet style going in. After all, she went in the Crypt Keeper and came out my little girl.

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