Professional kid wrangler

Professional kid wrangler

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Going back to school and having young children.

I had my kids at a young age and never got the chance to get a post secondary education. My plan after having my son was I would wait until he was old enough to start school, which he will be starting this fall but during that time I had a second child who is now 18 months old, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to do that as planned, being concerned about how she would adjust to someone else watching her for the day and daycare costs for two kids was nerve wracking.. but I decided it's time.

 I need to do this for myself and most importantly my kids. When I made the decision that I needed to get this started I went to talk to the school and found out that the next starting date for my program was only 10 days away, Yikes!

 I went for it though and it has been a lot of adjusting for my kids and myself in a very short period of time but I am excited to say that everything is going well! They are just starting their second week and my son loves it, to him it's just playtime, so that is great. My daughter, as expected does have some adjusting to do though.

The first few days with all the commotion and excitement I was able to slip out without her even noticing but she has caught on to what's going on and gets a little upset but I give her the little crochet Olaf which she carries everywhere to helps comfort her and from what I hear it doesn't take long for her to calm down and from then on she has a good day, so that is good to hear!

 When my day is done and I go to pick them up there is nothing but smiles from them so all and all it is going really well. The workers are super nice and great with the kids. Everything from their meal plan to their daily routines are amazing. I am more than thrilled with the daycare and I know my kids are in good hands...

Although I think it is a mixture of common colds this time of year with a bunch of kids couching and sneezing all over the place and then the added sugar from Easter, but they have seen better days with their health. All goopy and sneezy, I have been wearing boogers and eye goop the past couple days, Blah! The holiday is over though and I have hidden the rest of the sweets until they feel better I have also added more Vitamin D, Echinacea and Vapor rub to their daily routines, so hopefully they will be back to themselves very soon. Anyways, back to school. I will be taking esthetics and spa operations which I am very excited about.

This program will help me to build this company that we have started, it will also help to give me a better understanding of different skin types, conditions and so on. Of course wanting to take a more natural approach to things there will be addition courses I will be taking afterwards, and I look forward to that too.

 I love spa services (who doesn't?) but more than that there is no greater feeling than to do something for someone else. While we were at The Bee's Knee's doing hand massages for their 'Ladies night out' we had a lady come up to us telling us how she just wanted to say thank you for creating these products, that our products have been the only thing that has worked on her daughter who has extreme eczema. That everything else has cause her to have flare ups but our baby butter is working, and she even keeps asking for it! It got me a little choked up as I was thinking, I am so happy we were able to help. I had never met her before but have had a positive effect on her and her daughter's life. Talk about no greater feeling. Wow!

 We look forward to continue to create safe and natural products for your little ones, and us adults as well because honestly I use the products just as much on myself as I do my kids! I am also looking forward entering into this next chapter of my life exploring post secondary school and to expand my knowledge on what we do, and how we can do better. Thank you all for all of your continued support! xo

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